Dispilled, plaster/found objects, 18"x14"x7", 2018

Behind the Bars, wood/fabrics/plaster/acrylics, 23.5"x25"x2", 2019

Behind these bars are the minorities, dissidents, and the sacrificed few, whose struggle is oppressed by the state machine and whose voices are silenced by censorship. The ignorant majority refuse to believe or empathize because they believe in a reality distorted in the dictatorship's favor or in that they will be protected and left alone if they keep their heads down and remain obedient. In a dictatorship, reality itself becomes blurry.
Behind the Bars, wood/fabric/plaster/acrylics, 23.5"x25"x2", 2019
Unorthodox Beauty, found objects/acrylics, 2mx2mx0.2m, 2016